B&G Tech Consulting

IT consulting for your business. We implement and maintain both hardware and software applications to ensure your data's availability, confidentiality and integrity stored locally or within the cloud.

Services We Provide

Network infrastructure installation and maintenance
We are the IT department for your business


Firewall, security audit, server installation and management


Local, cloud, offsite / offline, multiple revisions


Network traffic, workstations, backups, USB keys


We are able to provide, install, configure and maintain servers, firewalls, virtual machines and various networking equipment as needed.

Just getting your business started? B&G can furnish the equipment necessary in order to supply your facility with the correct hardware to get you up and running. Big or small, we support your IT demands.

Need an addition for your existing equipment? We can audit your current setup and implement extensions and/or changes as necessary to expand and secure your site.


How important is your data?

The Rule of 3-2-1:

  1. Three copies of data, separated
  2. Which is stored on two different physical devices
  3. With one copy stored offsite

B&G offers on and off-site backup solutions for your data.

Do you need a Cloud installed? Or just looking for localized backup solutions? We provide it, install it, and maintain it.


Data breaches happen every day. Though everyone wants to keep their data secure, it is never a 100% guarantee.

Either in transit with HTTPS, E2EE (End-to-end Encryption) using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, or localized encryption with LUKS or Bitlocker, B&G believes in securing your information.

Let’s make sure that despite a data breach, your sensitive information remains untouchable.

Web Development

Custom applications, database, encryption, cloud installation

Chat & VOIP

Chat rooms, voice and video calls, mobile app


Security cameras, recording, mobile app, notifications

Web Development

Do you need a Cloud deployment?
Looking to host a website or a simple security audit for your existing site?
Just need a landing page for your company?

We provide localized hosting or remote hosting solutions and maintenance for your site based on your requirements including Reverse Proxies for new and existing infrastructure.

SSL/TLS for HTTPS is a must for today’s new web standards.

B&G is also able to provide custom web-based solutions for your company. Have a lot of data you don’t know what to do with? Database organization with remote access availability on Phone, Work, or Home. Tell us what you’re looking for.

Chat & VOIP

Many companies are looking to securely communicate within their facilities for their sensitive data.

B&G is able to provide secure communications methods such as Chat, Voice Calls and Video Calling without relying on the big guys. Host your own data and make sure your information never touches another server.


When it comes to Security Cameras, B&G believe in self-hosting solutions instead of relying on the big guys’ subscriptions. Self-hosted security cameras are more secure and rivals the cost of long-term subscription models.

We believe you have the right to own your data and this includes your security footage.

Remote Access

Access your entire work
network from anywhere

Cloud Management

Custom cloud implementation
for improved extensibility

Networking & NAS

Installation, maintenance,
mapping and shared storage

Remote Access

Accessing your data securely whether it be a database, network, or a single file is becoming priority number one especially when you are away from the office.

The key to a good remote access solution is exceptional security.

SSH, VNC or VPN; B&G has you covered. We install and configure it all for your Work, Home, and Phone.

Cloud Management

Deploying your own cloud allows cheaper storage options, custom backup and disaster recovery, and the flexibility of scalability.

B&G can provide you the infrastructure and maintenance required for your applications such as performance monitoring, security compliance, and file management.

Networking & NAS

Looking to start your network infrastructure? a NAS is a great start as it provides the ability for your office to connect, share, and collaborate locally within your office space.

Restrict or elevate individuals to sensitive files; manage your users and data securely with B&G.
Network mapping included with all new installations.

Employee Training

Password Management

Employee passwords remain the weakest link in business cyber security allowing attackers to remotely access company assets.

In fact, 81% of company data breaches are due to poor passwords.

We train employees how to generate strong passwords, store those passwords in an encrypted vault for easy access and further secure their accounts using two-factor authentication.

We also implement strict password policies for your entire network to ensure your data stays protected.

Our Philosophy

B&G Tech Consulting excels in enabling businesses to operate with the same level of internet security and technological standards of larger corporations.

B&G considers self-ownership and visibility between you and the solutions implemented for your business to be the cornerstone of ethical behavior within our practice. This standard allows you to maintain control over your solutions while allowing B&G the opportunity to provide clear, concise and efficient improvements to your everyday IT demands.

Contact B&G

Daniel Baker

Owner / System Administrator


David Gregg

Owner / Senior Developer


Sam Baker

Marketing Director


About B&G

Founded 2019 in Asheboro, NC. Daniel Baker & David Gregg, with 25 years of combined professional and personal experience, came together to form B&G Tech Consulting. The company was purposefully designed as a factotum IT Department for today’s growing IT demands; providing secure tech solutions for established and growing businesses.

Daniel Baker: System Administrator (sysadmin) - Responsible for upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, especially multi-user computers such as servers and other network infrastructure.

David Gregg: Senior Developer - Responsible for application and web development, project design management, and cyber security assessment and implementation.